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" Try Walking in Your Shoes???....Try Wrestling Six Minutes In Ours!!!"

WRESTLE IN MY SHOES is a non-profit focused on breaking down the economic barriers that prevent children of low income families from participating in wrestling due to a lack of basic equipment, by collecting and distributing equipment to kids in need.

The idea for this organization came from an 11 year old NJ based wrestler, wanting give back to his community and sport.  After seeing wrestlers from low income areas not having proper basic equipment (shoes) he decided to spring into action and start collecting shoes from his team and club mates.  Over  time this has morphed into "Wrestle in my Shoes" who is establishing formal distribution partnerships with clubs across America.



 WRESTLE IN MY SHOES has changed the dynamic in how wrestlers and clubs can acquire the basic equipment to compete.  Instead of throwing shoes away or throwing them in the back of a closet, WRESTLE IN MY SHOES does the following: 


  1. Establishes collection points across the country for the collection of shoes and other equipment. 
  2. We then work with our partner who cleans and sanitizes the shoes for future use. 
  3. The equipment is cataloged and sorted
  4. Wrestle in my shoes ships the equipment to the clubs  or wrestlers in need....FREE of CHARGE! 

Poverty Statistics

% of Children Living in Poverty in America

Black–  38.2
Hispanic – 35%
Asian –  13.6%
Caucasian – 12.4%

Benefits of Wrestling

Increased Self Esteem
Reduced Chances of Childhood Obesity
Self Reliance
Problem Solving


A  Family That Wrestles Together Stays Together!!

Joey Butler, CEO

"Wrestle in my Shoes" was the brain child of Joey Butler, an elementary school wrestler from New Jersey.  He saw a need to give back to the sport which has given so much to him over the years.  He decided to focus his energy and spirit into making sure no child was ever denied the ability to wrestle due to financial constraints or lack of adequate equipment.  This idea came about after attending a wrestling tournament where one team of wrestlers were sharing shoes amongst the team and hence...."Wrestle in my Shoes" was born.

Outside of Wrestling Joey is an honor student who also plays Lacrosse and love spending time reading, playing video games and playing with his 2 English Mastiffs.


Jake Butler, VP of Social Media

Jake Butler serves as as our VP of Social Media and Marketing.  He is responsible for maintaining our presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Jake also oversees our website design and marketing collateral and design of our SWAG.

Jake is also an honor student at his local Elementary school who love playing Lacrosse and competes in both Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.  He loves cartoons, playing video games and making sure everyone around him is happy. 


Butler Family

Butler Family

Joe & Alyson Butler, COO/CFO

Mom & Dad maintain supervision over the Operation and Finances of "Wrestle in my Shoes" along with assisting both the boys with their corporate responsibilities.  They feel this non-profit project will teach both of their sons the duty to give back to those around them.