Testimonials — See What the Wrestling Community Has to Say About Our Movement- 

Wrestle in My Shoes is a great grass roots organization that shows the power of what one person can achieve
— Steve Rivera, Owner Elite Wrestling/NCAA National Champion
What a GREAT idea! Who dosen’t have an extra pair of wrestling shoes with one season left in them? All you really need is a pair of shoes and you can wrestle... take 5min and ship them in and change someone’s life.
— Mike Krause, Head Coach Shamrock Wrestling
This is AWESOME!!!!! It is amazing what kids can come up with when challanged.....
— Coleman Scott, World Team Member
This is such a great concept, I am proud to help out
— Alyssa Lampe, U.S. Olympian
We are a proud sponsor of Wrestle in my Shoes..... we are excited to establish a long term partnership with them and will be there by there side for years to come
— Rocco Mansueto, Flips Wrestling
I am happy to be associated with Wrestle in my Shoes and feel it is a great grass roots cause
— Jake Herbert, 2012 Olympian & Hodge Trophy Winner