The Power of One

Often times people think that they cannot make a difference in the world or they revert back to the mentality of "it takes a village to raise a child".....I sit here typing telling you that this is NONSENSE!!!  Anyone can make a difference if they truly care and WANT to make a difference.  Its not always about curing the woes of the world as a whole but just helping one person or showing one person you care....that can have a ripple effect that can change a collective way of thought or how we act.

We were fortunate enough today to attend a practice at Beat the Streets-NYC on Thompson Street and see first hand who the boys are helping with "Wrestle In My Shoes" and what this program means to kids who participate in it.  For those of you know are unfamiliar with Beat the Streets they are an organization across the U.S. that uses amateur wrestling as a way to help kids pursue their goals and to stay out of trouble.  These kids are given an amazing atmosphere  to learn in and given WORLD CLASS coaching from volunteers.  On top of a great athletic surroundings the kids are also given assistance with their academics, guidance counseling, people to talk to about any and everything and a supportive and nurturing place to call their own.

When coming up with a topic for today's blog post I was reminded of a documentary about former UFC Champion Evan Tanner who died a few years ago in a tragic accident.  Evan believed that EVERYONE had the power to help and that we if we just believe we can make it happen.  Evan's legacy still lives on today in this documentary where we see someone who truly does things for unselfish reasons and believes in the "Power of One".  I attached a link above for a trailer for the piece on YouTube....enjoy!!!

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