Our "Knights in Shining Armor"

As we enter another year of college wrestling everyone is putting every moment into match preparation and making sure that every possible second is spent getting ready to ascend the podium.  Well the staff and coaches at Rutgers University and the Scarlet Knight Wrestling Club (SKWC) have found a way to expand the day past 24hrs.

We have been very fortunate over the years to have a close association with several of the Rutgers wrestlers due to our sons wrestling for Coach Rivera at Elite Wrestling in NJ.  For those of you who don't know Steve Rivera and the kids he produces....do yourself a favor and come to the "Barn" one night and see some of the highest level wrestling you are ever going to see.  Coach Rivera has been a huge pipeline of candidates for Rutgers over the years and has done wonders for my two sons as well.

During casual discussions with some of the guys at RU, including Coach Joe Pollard, who runs SKWC , they decided to spring into action and help without anyone asking.  As of today the wrestlers have donated over 30 pairs of their personal shoes; we cannot even imagine how many District/Region/State Titles were won in those shoes.  Within 2 days of receiving their shoes we received a distress call from a H.S. coach in Minnesota who lost funding from his school to get his team shoes.  Within 48hrs his team was 100% covered with shoes and headgear donated from the Rutgers Wrestling Team.  We were so thankful for this assistance and this team in Minnesota can now just worry about training and winning!!!

Fast forward a few weeks..... The Knights decided to help out once again!!!!  Coach Goodale and the staff have asked our sons to be "honorary" team captains for the Scarlet Knights home opener on 12/17 against Boston University at College Avenue Gym (The Barn).  They are going to be helping get the word out and get donations up.... at this point we are getting more requests than e have equipment.  We cannot thank Coach Goodale and his team enough for getting behind the idea of an 11 year old youth wrestler.

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